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1 week ago

VoIP Dialer Benefited IT Companies

IT industry is at its peak. Likewise, any industry, IT company has communication and collaboration at the point of their basic needs. Moreover, the IT company has a massive communication need which has to be addressed in real time. The communication requirements of the IT company should get supported remotely. The VoIP Mobile Dialer application is a flexible and easy to use tool which can be used by any IT company to gain abundant benefits.

2 weeks ago

IVR Solution: Boon for Any Company

Many small to big companies are using Interactive Voice Response System for various reasons. The IVR system can benefit companies in a one way or another. Here the thing to be noticed is that the companies are using the IVR solution for long or wondering to start utilizing it, but many of them are unaware of characteristics of an IVR solution and thus are not using those at its best. This article will define the utilities and benefits of an IVR system so you can use it at its best.


The IVR system works as an automated call attendant system. It will receive every call and provide different interactive options to the caller. This system can be used either for routing the caller to the executive who has the expertise to resolve the concern of the caller or to allow customers for self serving to get any specific answer or to take an action.

4 weeks ago

VoIP Softswitch: A Must Need Component To Start A Business As A VoIP Service Provider

VoIP converts analog signal into the digital one and sent over the internet to the recipient. As it deals with the digital signal and web transmission it utilizes one physical network, in contrast to traditional landline which utilizes multiple networks for call transmission. This makes the VoIP calling cheaper compared to the traditional calling. Also, the clarity of voice and video is better in the VoIP calling compared to traditional calling which has increased the popularity of VoIP calling. If you are a businessman who wants to take benefit of this tidal wave and get into the alluring business as a VoIP service provider, then the first thing you will need is the VoIP Softswitch.


The VoIP softswitch is a software which gets installed on the server of VoIP service provider. Earlier the VoIP service providers were using the hardware to provide the VoIP services, but now, they are using the software based VoIP softswitch, which makes the operation and management very much easier with its user friendly GUI. There are two types of VoIP softswitch available:

4 weeks ago

Mobile Applications Empowered The Businesses

Mobile has been an integral part of the human life. And why not? It has improvised each part of the human life, both, professionally and personally. Each industry is leveraging the benefits of the mobile applications. The custom mobile app development has empowered many businesses by offering great capabilities.

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1 month ago

IP PBX Solution: Necessity of Growing Business

Businesses go through different stages, namely, startup, growth and maturity. At each stage of the business an unavoidable part of it is communication. The business has to have an effective mechanism for internal communication among staff as well as with the external entities, including, customers, prospects, vendors, etc. An IP PBX solution can work as the best communication tool for any business. How? Let’s have a look:

1 month ago

Small Business Appears To Be Big with Call Center Solution

No matter how great business plan you have on the table or how great team you have, the bigger projects go to the big companies. Why? Well, the simple reason is the lack of trust in smaller companies by the big clients. It is very obvious and genuine reason that the customers think twice before handing over a project because they are putting their time and money at stake. For small business the best move here is to show the professionalism and approach of the big companies to increase the chances of getting big projects. One of the tools small businesses can use for this purpose is the call center software.


The call center solution is available with limited seats, i.e., 10 agents. It means 10 people can utilize the solution in parallel. This also don't cost much in the pocket of the management. Hence, it gives great returns over investment by creating an impression of a bigger organization for your company. How? Let's check quickly.

1 month ago

Reliable and Advanced SBC Solution To Keep VoIP Business Running

VoIP solutions and services are so exciting that more and more users have started subscribing to different services; whether it’s simple one to one calling using a calling card or running a full fledge call center using a VoIP based call center software. The clientele of VoIP are increasing. These have given a boost to the VoIP service providers and their business. However, to serve these hundreds to thousands of consumers, you have to make sure that you are having a perfect mechanism to keep your VoIP network up and running. An SBC Solution aka Session Border Controller Solution can work as a must have part of the VoIP network due to its advanced features.

2 months ago

Voice Broadcasting Software for Improved Customer Case Services

The competition is increasing daily and competitors are getting into your dominant market. Your competitors are trying to allure your clients. Thus, customer care has become a necessity for any business. You can’t wait until your client starts shouting about any issue or just go away with your competitors’ services. You have to be in touch with them constantly. Also, you have to keep one point in mind that your customers wouldn’t like to get automated services any more. They love personalized experience. Here, you have to be wise as you can’t personally attend the clients, you have to use some automation and at the same time, you have to be sure you are catering your customers with the personalized experience. You must be wondering this is right. But, how can you offer this personalized experience to your clients and that also with automation? It’s impossible. However, the fact is, it is possible. Yes, it is! With the help of a technological invention, called, Voice Broadcasting Solution.

2 months ago

WebRTC Client Solution Empowered Customer Support Centers

Technological inventions have benefited many industries. The customer support industry is one of the industries benefited by the technological inventions. If we speak specifically, the WebRTC Client Solution is one of the tools which empowered the customer support centers with its great communication features. By implementing the WebRTC client solution in your customer support center you can gain many benefits. Some of them are listed below:


Get Competitive Advantage

Audio calling is one of the simplest ways of communication used by many support centers to offer instant support. The WebRTC Client Solution can be integrated with a website as click to call so your customers may contact you hassle free. You may also use chat functionality to allow your customers with another communication channel. It also offers advanced features of communication such as video calling. So you can get the competitive advantage by offering the video call support to your customers.


Get Increased Ratio in Customer Satisfaction

By offering the advanced mechanism to your customers to get connected with you, you can increase the satisfaction ratio of customers. This will not only increase the number of loyal customers, but it will also get you the referral business.


Increase Return over Investment

As you get the competitive advantage, increased customer satisfaction and more business, you will get more revenue. Also, the webRTC client solution is a software system which will decrease your operational and maintenance cost. This will make sure you get maximum possible Return over your investment.


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2 months ago

Top Reasons to Hire Mobile Application Developer

The world is becoming smarter and adopting the smart devices and technology. This has opened doors for serial businessmen. They can launch mobile application to reach their audience. However, there can be similar applications in app stores, so you have to come up with great features and designs. To ensure success of your mobile application, you can hire a mobile developer or a team of mobile developers. However, you have to keep a few things in mind before hiring a mobile app developer to make sure you get maximum ROI. This Blog will share top 3 tips to hire mobile app developer.