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20 hours ago

Dynamic IVR Builder To Create Unique Experience

An IVR system is the entry point for a caller to your company. This caller can be your potential customer, investor or some other important business entity. This is why you have to make sure that your IVR is serving the caller at its best. In general scenarios, the IVRS has a few recorded voice prompts which get played one by one based on the selection made by the caller. These voice prompts are the recorded voice and often a time, the caller finds it robotic. Of course, it is a machine taking care of a human, but still adding some kind ingredients of human touch in the IVR can help you to serve your callers with the unique and pleasing experience.

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3 days ago

LG WebOS Defines Smart TV with Simplicity

LG is a known Brand name across the globe. If we look back in the past, the biggest blunder made by this company was its involvement on phones. LG failed miserably trying their hands on the phone. Then, the news came that LG has jumped into the Smart Television industry by acquiring PalmOS. The PalmOS then renamed as LG WebOS. Initially, people and even a few industry experts were finding it another blunder made by the company, but the LG brand and expert engineers proved all rumors wrong. In fact, they came up with an amazing smart OS, called, LG WebOS, which redefined the Smart TV technology at certain levels!
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2 weeks ago

Improve Patient Care with Mobile Application Development

The enterprise mobility solution benefited many industry verticals to manage different operations remotely. The mobile application development has been benefited many owners and businesses with a plethora of features it brings in. One of the industry verticals which can improvise its working and business model with the mobile application development is the healthcare industry.

2 weeks ago

Top Tips To Keep In Mind While Hiring a Developer

In any business, at certain point of time a company comes across a need to hire a developer. It can be possible that your business need to develop a web, VoIP or mobile app for your own business; or your existing customer is looking for a turnkey solution. The situation can be anything and you have to hire a developer or a team of developers. Whenever you come across such scenario and all set to hire a developer, keep following tips in mind. This will help you to get the best resource for your development project.

3 weeks ago

Appointment Booking IVR Solution Benefited Government Organizations

Government of any country thrives to provide better services to their citizens. To assist the countrymen of any country, government has to use the latest tools and technologies in their working model. To ensure better working, there are multiple departments in any government section. Each department has different sub departments and government officials who deal with so many people on a daily basis to resolve their concerns. In such situation, appointment booking IVR solution can be one of the helpful tools for any government department.

4 weeks ago

Professional Android Application Development for Multiple Android Devices

Android and iOS are one of the most used mobile platforms around the globe. If we drill down to the available statistics, we can say that Android enjoys the biggest user base among all available mobile platforms. Thus, if you are thinking to launch a mobile application, then Android can be one of the best mobile application development platforms to start with.

1 month ago

Why You Should Choose Ecosmob for Your Mobile App Development Project?

Ecosmob Technologies is one of the known mobile application development companies from India. There are so many companies around the globe which offer mobile application development services and Ecosmob Technologies is one of the best. If you are thinking why you should choose Ecosmob for your mobile app development task, then this Blog will share the top 3 reasons for you.