2 months ago

Multi Tenant IP-PBX Provider Enjoy a Host of Benefits and Boost Revenues

Anyone who is in the IT business knows the intense competition, pairing of prices and profits and the struggle to survive. In this scenario there is one segment that is buzzing and that is VoIP, a market segment that was expected to exceed $ 74 billion by 2015 and substantially increase in value by 2020.

3 months ago

Tourism Industry Imparted Abundant Benefits with An IVR Solution

The travel and tourism industry is growing for many reasons such as increasing number of solo travelers, family holiday plan makers and even business trip planners. Each type of traveler is looking for a travel agency or an agent who can plan his trip so he can focus on the core goal which can be a business meeting or some fun time. This has given a boost to the tourism industry.

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3 months ago

Benefits of VoIP Solutions

The VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has started becoming part of business due to its advanced features and cost benefits. The VoIP solution development has been in the risen stage in the past few years as more and more businesses are opting for these solutions. If you are one of the business owners who is curious to know more about the VoIP solutions and its benefits, this Blog will give you a quick glance of it.

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3 months ago

Wearable Application Development for Smart Devices

Technology has introduced so many advancements in the past few years and wearable devices is one of them. Since their genesis, wearable devices have impressed the users.

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3 months ago

Get A Robust SBC Solution Developed In OpenSIPs

What is SBC Solution?

An SBC aka Session Border Controller Solution is the system designed and developed to provide topnotch security to the VoIP network. This solution makes sure that each threat is kept outside of the VoIP network so the system can stay up and running 24*7.

4 months ago

Order Tracking IVR Solution: Compendious Guide

The IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system has always been beneficial to diversified industry verticals. There are different types of IVR solutions available in the market. The order tracking IVR solution is one of the available IVRS in the market. This IVR is very much important and beneficial to the companies which deal with the door to door delivery services. However, people or business owners are still unaware about this amazing Interactive Voice Response system. This article will provide the details of the order tracking IVR system.


4 months ago

Dynamic IVR Builder To Create Unique Experience

An IVR system is the entry point for a caller to your company. This caller can be your potential customer, investor or some other important business entity. This is why you have to make sure that your IVR is serving the caller at its best. In general scenarios, the IVRS has a few recorded voice prompts which get played one by one based on the selection made by the caller. These voice prompts are the recorded voice and often a time, the caller finds it robotic. Of course, it is a machine taking care of a human, but still adding some kind ingredients of human touch in the IVR can help you to serve your callers with the unique and pleasing experience.

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